Full service

Your brand, your creation.


We collaborate with clients to help them –you- create breathtaking jewels, original products that communicate your style and philosophy.

A home fragrance with your selection of packaging, label, and fragrance can capture the spirit of your image and speak volumes about your brand

Images et Sens encourages you to personalize each aspect of your home fragrance, as every element may be crafted or sourced based on your inclinations.  


We work with selected partners and suppliers to:

•          Locate containers and packaging to meet your specifications,

•          Blend signature fragrances with renowned perfumers,

•          Deliver luxurious waxes to satisfy your preferences.


Very attached to the product, we visit the factories of our manufacturers to understand all their manufacturing requirements. Quality is always the center of our concerns. We focus primarily on "Made in France", and our products are manufactured on the French territory.

Images et Sens manages the entire fabrication process, supervising quality and production at each phase.  Each person involved in creating your candle strives to develop an exquisite product to enchant and entice.

 Zadig & Voltaire's votive candles production
 Zadig & Voltaire's votive candles production
hand poured candle
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